Frequently Asked Questions 


Q    What will lessons cost?

A    Lessons cost £13.00 per half hour.

Q    Could I have a trial lesson?

A    Yes, a trial lessons lasts 20 minutes and costs £6.00

Q    Do you enter pupils for exams?

A    Yes, I enter pupils for Associated Board Exams, and have a 100% pass rate.

Q    Will you play the piano accompaniment for me in any exams I take?

A    Yes. I regard this as part of the service and do not charge extra for it.

Q    Do you offer online lessons

A    Yes, I do, through Zoom. Most of my pupils are having lessons online at the moment, but they also have the option to have an online lesson if it is difficult for them to come to me at home.

Q    I could not commit to regular lessons, could I have occasional lessons?

A    Yes, in principle, but this would depend on circumstances and being flexible            regarding times and days.

Q    Do you teach music theory?

A    Yes. My pupils also have a 100% pass rate in theory exams.

Q    Do you teach piano as well as electronic keyboard?

A    Yes, I teach piano and enter pupils for piano exams. 

Q    Do you have an age limit.

A    Certainly not! Some of my best pupils are adults, including many who have never    played an instrument before.


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